Remotely extending USB via Wi-Fi device

I am looking to extend a USB device farther than a cable will allow.
Might anyone know of a device that has Wi-Fi, and a USB port on it to allow any USB device plugged into it and use it as if i plugged it in directly into my PC.

In other words, when I plug any USB device into this black box, my PC will think it was plugged directly into its USB and I can use it like normal, but all the data is over Wi-Fi.

What kinds of USB devices will you be extending? What data rates are you expecting?

This doesn’t sound very Particle related.

Try this:


@ninjatill, thank you so much!!! The hardware solutions were just what I was looking for!

Just wanted to update anyone else interested in doing this.
This site here has software that will run on many embedded linux devices.

I just tried this on a RPI zero W, plugged in a USB web cam to test the throughput and installed the client on my Win10 PC. As soon as i plugged in the USB cam my win 10 PC went “Ding Dong” and installed it. Then I opened the camera and it was full 1080p and no lag what so ever. Worked perfect.