Remote tinker possible?

Can I give someone else access to my core through Tinker?

In other words, I just want someone in a remote location to turn my LED on and off with tinker.

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Yes, just give them access to your email and password login information. Hopefully they are trusted though, and don’t change your password and take over your account. If that were to happen and you physically had the Core in hand, I would think you could just do a factory reset and reclaim it on another account. Best to set up a shared email account I think :wink:

In fact, this was the first thing my buddy and I did… 20 miles apart! It was awexome.

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Thank you! Didn’t think to just give them my credentials!
He’s in Pittsburgh PA! Should be fun!

No problem, and I didn’t think about it at first but since you own the email… assuming the Spark password is not the same as your email password, you could just request a password reset which will be emailed to you, in the event that your password was ever changed.

This is hilarious BTW:

:heart: Spark Team


lol…ya the Spark crew has a good sense of humor!
Couple places digging through documentation etc, I’ve giggled!

there proposed core names are pretty classic too!


Haha thanks guys, glad you enjoy :smile:

We will be implementing a more complete OAuth authentication system so that you can provide access to other users and third-party developers to control your Cores without sharing your password. Coming soon!

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