Relay shield power pad question

Hi, I’m powering my relay shield with a 12v brick. I needed to pull some 12v power off to feed a stepper motor driver and I soldered directly to the barrel jack pins in fear frying the traces that feed the handy +/- solder pads that were laid out for this purpose. I’m wondering how much power I can pull from the solder pads, it would be much cleaner to use the solder pads as intended. Thanks…

Sounds like a good question for @mohit - pinging him so hopefully he can help provide some guidance on how much can be pulled from those pads.


Hello @numbakrrunch
The addional pads are provided if one wanted to power the relay shield without having to use a barrel jack connector. The pads can safely handle currents of upto 3A DC and are connected in parallel with the barrel jack.

Hope this helps!


That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I can use it for my stepper driver. For future versions you might consider boosting it or adding some additional breakouts to power DC devices, I’m driving 5A worth of 12V LED strips on one of the relays…