Refused DHCP on first setup attempt requires reboot before getting IP address

My home network’s DHCP server has a mac address white list, mostly to keep rogue teenage friends’ casual devices out of our network :slight_smile:

Attempting to set up my first photon, and as intended, the DHCP server refused to provide an IP address for this unknown device. So I looked in the log, found the mac address, added it to its white list, and restarted the DHCP server. But regardless how long I waited after that, It appears that the photon never retried getting an IP address, and that’s what I’d like to report.

Rebooting the photon, without further setup, let it get the IP address and everything turned out alright. Would be nice if it could retry without rebooting – after all, flaky DHCP servers, even without my paranoid setup, are hardly unheard of, and products containing the photon should be able to get an IP address later even without rebooting IMHO.