Red SOS with One Blink

I’m running 0.4.4 on a Photon. I’ve been testing what happens to Spark.publish() calls when my WiFi network goes down. I unplug my router, what a bit, then plug it back in. I’ve had a lot of different behaviors; I have not characterized them all yet.

One time the Photon came up and then blinked the Red SOS followed by 1 red blink.

The documentation describes 2 and 3 flashes ( what does one red flash mean?

That’s odd, there used to be a long list of codes, which is gone as it seems.

1 flash means a hard fault, which is often caused by RAM getting corrupted by erronous memory access (e.g. buffer overrun, missing return statements in non-void functions, …)

There you can find an old list of codes that might be outdated
Core Firmware SOS Panic Codes

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