Red blinking troubleshooting

Hi there,
after executing some code of my Interrupt Service Routine, my Core starts blinking red and suddenly reboots itself.
I tried to add many Serial.println in order to investigate but it didn’t help me.
Which is the best way to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sharing your code would help. Also, counting the numbers of red blinks indicates what kind of error it is.


It blinks 9 times quickly and after a short pause another time. Than it repeats 9 +1 blinks and after that reboots.
I’ll share my code asap.

9 blinks sound like an SOS, followed by the error code. Your code should help clarify things.

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Here it is:
The error seems that occurs at the end of the “push” function in file QueueList.h line 153 when it tries to return the handle to the caller.
I suppose so because the last print on my serial is the number 6, after that my core reboots.
Thanks a lot for your support.