Recreating Disney's Magic Band

To start I want y’all to know I am NOT an expert with the Spark Core. However, I do have 2 years of experience with HTML5/CSS3, a little over a year with Javascript/jQuery, and a few months of Node.js experience. I’m currently a Creative Technologist at Made Movement in Boulder, CO, USA and a student at Boulder Digital Works - a professional school for digital entrepreneurs.

I am attempting to create a prototype to present at BDW’s final presentation that is similar to the Disney Magic Band.

Tech stack used to create this project [list will be updated as necessary]:
-Spark Core
-RFID (Not sure what module/library to use. Suggestions?? @krvarma @bko @Moors7 @peekay123)

This thread is to keep y’all updated with what I’m trying to do with the Spark Core for this project. If you’re interested in the project or have tips/suggestions on info to read up on, I’d love suggestions!


@realjoet, I haven’t used RFID in any of the projects. There are some libraries here floating, you can search and you will find many. Also there many projects here you can take a look at and see it helps.