Receiving SMS in Particle Electron

I’d be looking at the line:

Should that not be (address-of buf[at-offset]):


Looks like a year has gone by on this topic. Is the Cameron Library currently the best place to start with receiving SMS?

@ScruffR Has some tested code for Receiving SMS messages on the Electron if I remember correctly.

If you have tried any of the suggestions in this thread and are still missing something, stating what exactly you are missing would be helpful.
On the other hand if things do what you want, what else do you expect to happen on this front?

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i’ve tried using this code but it returns

'strncmpi' was not declared in this scope


'strcmpi' was not declared in this scope

any ideas what’s happening?

That point was raised and answered in this thread before already

A simple search of this very thread would have helped finding that.

Hi! I don’t know if you are still active, but I am working on a project where I am using this. I might be dumb but I don’t get how to send a command to the Particle Electron built in SIM card without using a 3rd party sim card from my phone.

The Particle SIM card does not allow SMS inbound or outbound.

Wow - it has been four years. Time flies.

Rickkas7 is right (above) if you are using a Particle SIM
If you use a 3rd Party SIM, almost all allow SMS, but some IoT SIMs from some retailers don’t offer SMS.

If you want to use a Particle SIM, but still want to send a command to the device via SMS - I suggest you use a service such as Twilio.

The flow would be,
SMS > Twilio Phone Number > Twilio processes sends an API call to > Particle Cloud service > Particle Device

Hope that helps?

A handy link

You could also use Twilio studio (much easier) (drag and drop style)