Received from a different address

Since updating to 1.2.1 for our new devices (Electron 3G and Electron LTE) we’ve started to see this error on a regular basis: received from a different address

Anyone have an idea on what that error means? Is it truly an error? Seems like it came from this commit.

In our application we send some data to our servers through UDP. Could it be that Particle’s UDP parser is colliding with UDP data from our server?

It doesn’t seem to negatively affect our devices, except it is causing an increase in data usage as we publish to the Particle cloud each time our device encounters an ERROR

I’ll suggest you to try update one of your Electron with v1.3.0-rc.1 and see if the error is still persist ?

Why would this help? I don’t see any differences in the file that is causing throwing the error