Rebooting wlan?

In some rare instances, we are finding that we have to reboot (via reset / power cycle) some sparks (cloud disabled) that have a really weak connection that they’ve lost as sometimes they will come back online / solid green but not be addressable via the router – it might be something glitchy on the router side, we’re experimenting with ubiquiti bullets and mikrotik devices which have somewhat lenient connection settings (long distance, ack times etc) and there’s alot of unplugging / pluggin in so we are testing some strange conditions. At any rate, power cycling is helping, and we are thinking to try resetting the wlan periodically in these rare instances to see if this helps w/ stability rather then physical restarts.

Do you think it’s advisable to call the Start_Smart_Config? or would calls to wlan_stop() and wlan_start(0) do the trick? I’m looking for the lowest overhead way to give the cc3000 a kick in pants / reboot.

I think calling smart config is not required as you need to intervene in order to get it to continue from there.

Will be good to figure out which command to call to perform a software reset :smiley:


I’ve also seen this flag which seems to do what I’m asking for, SPARK_WLAN_RESET
maybe setting this flag will perform the reset?

it would be great to have this functionality exposed somehow if it’s not mucking too much with the system.

When I want to reset the entire core, I use:


But that of course resets much more than just the cc3000. :slight_smile:


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