Reagent Tracker - 2017 Hackaday Prize Entry

This is my entry to the 2017 Hackaday Prize for the Internet of Useful Things.

It is designed to weight and identify a bottle placed on it and publish the details to the internet with minimal user interaction. When the bottle is getting empty a notification can then be sent automatically to order new stock before the reagent runs out.

It was designed originally to weight the Form1 resin bottles that we use in my local hackerspace as I’m responsible for re-ordering as I never know how much we have left (or don’t have!)

More details here:

Given this is the Particle community, here’s a little geek pron and a look at the Photon Inside :slight_smile:

In case you are interested:

  • This unit was 3D Printed on a Form2 with Clear Resin.
  • The top is coated in clear epoxy to seal in the NFC reader, load cell screws and LED.
  • Yes the epoxy did go everywhere and was right messy!
  • Typically the Photon is in deep sleep and is woken by a “tap” sense from the accelerometer when a bottle is placed on it.
  • The NFC reader is a PN532 (from eBay) which works well with the stick-on NTAG2 disks, only the id is used.
  • The weight is measured by a 5Kg load cell and HX711 ADC.
  • Ignore the power lead going in the distance, the final version will be battery powered, standby power should be < 1mA
  • The missing components are for a NeoPixel ring I decided not to include, a battery charge monitor that I didn’t fancy soldering at this time and holes for a BME280 breakout I thought I had but don’t!

Thank you for sharing this!

Amazing. There is lots of applications for this

Thanks for sharing!

I received a sample print for FormLabs the other day. Amazing print quality!