Read/Write Raw Packets over Wireless Interface

I apologize if this has already been discussed in some way elsewhere.

I’m looking for a way to RX/TX directly with the wireless hardware in the Photon and the Electron.

The use case here is that I need to use the Photon as a transparent bridge to WiFi/GSM, where the actual packets are being generated from an internal border router.

I can parse packets via the SLIP protocol from UART sources leading to my border router. But my problem is I do not know how to actually transmit this data over the WiFi hardware.

The ideal use case is that the Photon or Electron would be utilized as a UART-based peripheral by the border router, rather than relying on any network transport abstraction in the firmware.

Can anyone point me in a general direction to research the firmware mechanisms responsible for actually releasing low-level packet information to the WiFi/GSM?

Sounds like a really interesting project! Probably a good starting point would be grabbing a copy of the WICED SDK used by the photon ( ), which might provide an interface for that. Otherwise it’s possible the TI CC3000 on the old cores support that, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing this.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Dave.

I notice your firmware also includes the PPP stack – is that actually in use by you guys? It seems like a more robust way to pipe incoming IP packets to the wireless. The readme in that folder also mentions SLIP, but I see no corresponding headers (?).

I’d also like to point out that I don’t believe that approach would work with the Electron. I was wondering if you guys ever implement a HAL layer somewhere in between “direct to hardware” and “create a socket connection.”

Good question! I’m gonna try to tag in the firmware team who know more about the HAL / networking layers in the firmware. :slight_smile: