Re-claiming devices

Over the last couple of years I’ve bought 5 photons; all of them have been working fine for a while, but a few months ago one of them switched spontaneous into listening mode while running my application.
I tried to do a new setup, both through my iPhone and also through USB, but both failed.
What was remarkable is that the photon device showed a hotspot code that was completely different rom the one that I used first (and that was on the photon packaging box).
Now this morning with another photon I experienced exactly the same issue.
Applying Particle Device Doctor did not solve the issue
The result now is that I can only use the remaining three photons, but I am of course suspiceous how long they will stay alive…
Is there any way to bring the two failing devices back to life??? (i.e. re-claim them?

Are they blinking green when you mention that they failed?

yes; green “Looking for the Internet”

What’s more: it seems to me that it has also someting to do with ownership. As I wrote, both failing devices showed a hotspot key that were completely different from the ones that I used when I initially had setup these devices (which were the keys that were printed on the package).

When doing a setup through iOS it gets connected to the internet, but eventually it is stated that product ownership could not be verified. Which I think is no surprise if one of the keys is different from the initial setup…
After setup through iOS, the device blinks green for a minute or so and then switches to breathing green.

After setup through USB, everything seems to go well: I even get the message “Obtained magical secure claim code”. But then after typing my WiFi data, I get the message: “It doesn’t look like your Photon has made it to the cloud yet.” and the device strts blinking green, which also eventually changes into breathing green.