Question on default device OS version shipped on particle boards

I couldn’t find any information on what version of the device OS will be on the boards when shipped from the factory. Is there an expected version range that we could expect to be on the boards when we receive them?

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There is no guarantee of what version will be on the devices when received from the factory, and it also could depend on which device. It’s currently 1.4.4 on all devices except the tracker, however.

We recommend flashing Device OS, bootloader, Soft Device (Gen 3) and user firmware to the device to make sure it has the version you intended to have on it. This is typically done by JTAG or USB. It could also be done OTA.

Flashing all four using a Segger J/Link using SWD/JTAG to a Gen 3 devices takes less than 10 seconds.

Awesome thank you!

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