PWM From Variable


I have a problem with the PWM… all the data I get by an UDP Connection. These part is working fine, but the PWM isn’t Working… Maybe someone can help me. Here is my code:

red = strtok(value,splitValue);
green = strtok(NULL,splitValue);
blue = strtok(NULL,splitValue);
brightness = strtok(NULL,splitValue);
analogWrite(redPWM, (int)red, 65535);
analogWrite(greenPWM, (int)green, 65535);
analogWrite(bluePWM_LEDDimmer, (int)blue, 65535);

Thanks for your help!

Best greetings!

Your problem is trying to cast a char* to an int. You should be using the C function, atoi to convert your chars to ints. Since the value of a char is the starting address of the char array it points to, casting it to an int will give you that address, not the numeric equivalent of your string.


Also, since we can’t see it, have you set pinMode(pin, OUTPUT); for your PWM pins?
And have you confirmed your chosen pins are PWM capable?

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Thx! That was the solution.