Publish with Blynk


Possibly stupid question…Is this so straightforward that they haven’t made a tutorial or example for it?

I want to (using the app on my phone) press a button on Blynk which publishes a private event.

That is all.

That’s doable…right?

I don’t think so.
Blynk is not centered on Particle but this would be a Particle-only feature.

To publish an event you’d need Blynk being “signed in” (or provide a way to “inject” the access token) with your Particle credentials (which it isn’t but the other way round).
And Blynk would need to hit the Particle Publish API to publish the event.
While this might theoretically be doable somehow, I fundamentally doubt that this is a stock option.


But maybe I could do something like use Blynk to set a variable which the Photon notices and publishes? Or use Blynk to make a pin go HIGH which again the device would notice and publish?


There are so called virtual pins in Blynk for which you can write handlers on the device side via the respective BLYNK_WRITE() macro. In these handlers you can virtually do anything :wink: