Publish maximum size and external sim card


What is the publish maximum size? I remember reading that it was increased to 600 bytes? Can anyone confirm this? I need to send large amounts of data.
In addition, can I use an external sim card and still connect to the particle cloud (to send more messages)?


According to the docs:

  • optional data (up to 255 characters ( prior to 0.8.0 ), 622 characters ( since 0.8.0 )). The Spark Core remains limited to 255 characters.

As for 3rd party SIMs:

Found that topic on data, but to clarify, can you confirm is character and not byte?
And thanks for the other topics. I’m just never sure on what is still valid since those posts are for the old Electron and not the new Boron.

Yes, it’s characters as only a subset of the 256 possible bytes can be wrapped an a COAP message. If you want to send binary data, you’d need something like Base64 or Base85 translation.

If you go to these links in the docs you will see this

Which clearly illustrates that document applies to both platforms (nvm the URL path).
If there were platform dependencies they’d be usually explicitly mentioned (e.g. see above about the Spark Core publish limit).

Crystal clear, amazing! Thanks.