Provisioning process via API

Hi Guys,

I want to Provision Argons at Scale.

The plan is to add a feature to our existing Android app to scan the QR code, and provision via the API using our set Wifi Credentials for the IoT network etc and Automatically add it to the correct product.

It’s not really clear on the process regarding this in the documentation, I can see the import devices to product Endpoint but taking a step back, it looks like there’s possibly 3 endpoints I could start at.

Could someone breakdown the workflow for me…

Ie. do you create a claim code first, then claim device, the Provision a DeviceID Endpoint isn’t very descriptive in the documentation do you need to do that?

And can you set the Wifi Creds via the Wifi or does all of that need to be set directly via Bluetooth presumbly? Any help would be appreciated.