Programmatic way to create a new product?

Building a web interface to create new products and assign users and devices to those products. Looking at the JS API and Cloud API, it doesn’t appear there is an endpoint to create a new product – the ability to list new products exists:

Is there an endpoint that I’m missing where I can POST and create a new product programmatically? (e.g., mimic POST

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Forgive the ignorance,

By reading this I understood that you wanted to create an entirely new product and then assign this new product to a user/customer. Does this literally mean a new product or an existing product but on a new device using the product’s established firmware and then associating it to a user?

Sorry @termijay, I just wanted to make certain I understand what you’re after.


Thanks for the response!

Perhaps it would help to explain my thinking to validate that I’m tackling this the right way…

I am deploying fleets of devices to customer sites, usually 4 devices makes up a deployment. I consider each customer organization a “product” in Particle for organizational purposes. I then add users (shadow – the Particle side is invisible to them) and devices to the product, and deploy new firmware to those devices after they are set up at a customer site. These associations are all done through a web app that stores data locally and also creates new objects on the Particle platform.

Basically, I need the ability to manage deployments by organization/ company, even though all companies will have the same firmware deployed to the devices.

Clear as mud? :slight_smile:

@termijay – My solution is to create a single particle product (one firmware) and create a single particle user per company. The particle user has all the companies devices assigned to them. If you used this approach, each particle user is equivalent to what you call a “product.”