Product Device Export showing duplicate ICCIDs


I did a device export and I noticed that there are some devices that have duplicate ICCIDs. I thought that this was a unique number to each device. Is there something that I might be missing?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there!

Associated ICCIDs are based on the last ICCID a device came online with. If an external SIM was used with a device, and the device has not since come online and the SIM has since been used with another device, it’s possible for both devices to report the same ICCID.

Let me know if that helps clarify the concern! If not, do feel free to provide more information and we can dig a bit deeper.


Thank you for getting back so quickly. All of the SIMs are use are the embedded SIMs on the Boron LTE. On the export that I just did I see 4 separate devices that are all reporting the same ICCID. Any thoughts on what might explain this?

Hey @shonky2

That certainly is odd. Have you brought these units online before?

I might encourage you to submit a support ticket at and provide the device IDs in question. Any supplemental information such as the ICCID and whether you’ve brought these units online before will be helpful



They have been connected multiple times. I’ve submitted a ticket with the export attached and noted one of the ICCIDs that is duplicated.

Thank you!

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The issue was with excel, when opening the export CSV excel changes the format of the ICCID cell making the numbers wonky. Opening the export file in a text editor displays the correct ICCID

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