Problems with saving webhook data

I tried multiple webhook apps and I don’t see where the data is being saved.

Here are the examples I tried

  1. The first issue I run into is how the data is shown on the serial monitor. All it says is “Posted Event”, whereas I am looking for the serial print of the code at the very least. Is that a bug? That example is for the weather example on web hooks

  2. This code seems like it should make sense, but I get a Invalid+ Token response in the data section of the dashboard. And I have no serial response, and not sure why there is a php in there??

Would web hooks be able to send data to a website to be parsed and saved in a mySQL database and app? Any more specific examples of serial CLI or examples using web integration of the JSON will be extremely helpful.

Well I found out that the serial didn’t work for the weather app, was actually because of the cord, I used. It works with the photon cord.