Problems Completing Cloud Handshake in public school setting

@mdma I am trying to deploy Photons into a public school wireless environment. The district has a hidden network without password protection at every school. I was able to use the iOS app with some problems to get the Photon to attempt a connection. However, it appears there is some blocking going on in the cloud handshake process. I am able to rename the device on setting up with iOS app and it appears to accept the new WiFi credentials. However, when I restart the Photon, it goes through solid white, then flashing green, then flashing cyan but never breathes cyan. Also, of interest (may be related) when I look at with my web browser connected to this network I can load pages but not movies on those pages. Is there documentation somewhere about what IP addresses, ports and other aspects that must be in play to successfully complete the cloud handshake? Perhaps the district is blocking something critical. If I had all the details on the cloud handshake requirements perhaps I could get them to open up access. Thanks for any help.

Do you know if the CoAP port 5683 is open from the school outbound? That needs to be open for the cloud to work.

Here’s the doc:


Thanks for the information. I bet it is not but now I have the information to ask them to open required ports.

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