Problem with IRtransmitter

So… I’m currently running trough an annoying problem : i’m trying to send some ir codes (from a Velux) which are kinda long. I decoded them with an Arduino, made a transmission test with it, worked perfectly. The problem occur when i try to send them with my photon : the led turn on for like 1/4th of a second, without sending any code, then turn off for five seconds as expected (i’m using the basic exemple), and then it turn on again and again as described, but no code transmitted… So a lill’ help would be appreciated :wink:

PS: please excuse my english, it’s not my native language…

Seeing some code definitely wouldn’t hurt :wink:

I was about to say the same, but then looked at this

Oh waw… Ansewered so fast… I’m really surprises ! And yes, it’s that exemple…

If you want my raw code, just tell me :slight_smile:

Yup, that would be good.
Actually the library is very simple, so you could easily just copy past the code from the .h/.cpp files into seperate file tabs (via the (+) button top right) and add some Serial.print() statements to see what’s happening in the respective functions.
e.g. the 5sec pause between transmissions is hardcoded as delay(5000) there.

I’ll try that ! Here’s one of my raw ir code FYI

open_window : 450,1150, 450,1150, 1300,300, 500,1150, 450,1150, 1300,300, 500,1100, 500,1150, 450,1150, 450,1150, 1300,300, 500,1150, 450,1150, 450,1150, 500,1150, 450,1150, 450,1150, 450,1150, 500,1100, 500,1150, 1250,350, 450,1150, 500,1100, 500

Thanks for quick ansewers, i’ll try that tommorow morning… (It’s bedtime here :slight_smile: )

I think the problem might be that that code is rather blocking.
You can just add SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) to the top of your code and see what happens then.

With my Photon and an oszilloscope I saw signals coming from D6

It works now… Was so simple i didn’t even think of that ! Thank you very much !
Luv u guys