Problem creating a library

Hi all,

Noob poster. Sorry if this is a FAQ. I’ve created a library to help control RGB LEDs. I have an Arduino version ( that I have used successfully. I was trying to create a version of the Library to import into the Spark Build IDE. I have the github repo here:

I have gone through the steps to import the library, but when I try to use the sample app, I get an error:

rgbledexample.cpp:7:25: fatal error: RGBLEDSpark.h: No such file or directory
#include "application.h"

Does anybody have any insight into what I’m doing wrong? I’ve messed with it long enough to prove I’m clueless. Any help would be appreciated!

What build environment are you in? Web IDE? Spark IDE? or building locally?

Using the Web IDE.

You might need #include RGBLEDSpark\RGBLEDSpark.h instead

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