Premium carriers

Hello all together,
I am Peter and I am from Germany.

I have seen that you now have “Premium carriers available” on the mysterious Enterprise and Custom plans without any further information. Can you tell me what is the difference to the Standard carrier and does this mean that we small non-Enterprise customers are left with shitty coverage?

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It’s probably not that but enterprise customers will get a specific SLA with 24/7 support and possibly “guaranteed” up-time.
MVNPs can prioritise enterprise services over end customer services for a higher premium even on the same network with the same coverage for all customers.

Cell providers would be “dumb” to install expensive infrastructure and then not utilitlise it as much as possible.
However, when the towers reach their limit higher priority (meaning higher premium) services will be prioritiesed over mere “convenience” services.

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For most countries, there are one or two carriers available. For certain SKUs (Boron 2G/3G, B Series B523, E Series E313, Tracker SoM T523) enterprise customers can enable a larger list of carriers in some countries. This isn’t available for self-service customers.

For example in Germany, the primary carrier is Vodafone. The enterprise option enables T-Mobile and O2 as secondary carriers, and E-Plus as a backup carrier in areas where there is no primary or secondary coverage.


The standard Carrier list is here: