Pre Ordering issue

While trying to pre-order a spark photon, the address field is not accepting my address saying it to be too long! Also the field doesn’t accept anything other than numbers and letters.
I am unable to use any of my addresses in US or India.
Please solve the glitch.


@jeiden any clue ?

@vib8m We have certain restrictions on address that we need to enforce on the store for our shipping fulfillment partner. Would you mind sending me your address at This way I could try and see why it’s not being accepted.

@jeiden This is not the case. Adding ‘/’ or ‘,’ in address doesnt make any difference to the shipment partner.
The case is that the text field for address is not set up properly to accept larger addresses and it also is set up to accept just numbers and letters.

However I placed the pre order with the wrong address and changed it using the ‘Order lookup’ link in the email.