Powering Electron with and without LiPo


Quick update:

I got my batteries but i havn’t gotten the boost circuit yet. I couldn’t wait and decided to do a test with just the batteries:

I’ve made a battery pack of four 14.5 Ah SOCl2 spiral-type D-cell batteries in parallel and connected them to the JST on one of my test Electrons. It appears to be working like a charm and i’ve had it running during the whole night without any problems logging every hour and deep sleeping in between.

I can’t seem to read the battery percentage (says it’s 2.4%), but it guess that makes sense as it’s a different voltage than the LiPO. I read a 3.58v when the Electron is connecting/connected to the cellular network and the Particle Cloud and a 3.64v when the batteries are unconnected. I read 3.98v on the LiPo when it is connected, so i figured the LiPo must be at 2.4% when it reaches ~3.58v?

I’m gonna leave the electron out in the field measuring every hour, so i can see how it goes without the booster circuit.

I also got 2 Electrons running on just the standard 2Ah LiPO and a 6 watt solar panel logging every hour and deep sleeping in between. I get a nice graph that shows the LiPO hasn’t gotten lower than 79.77% that last 6 days. The Solar panel isn’t even setup in the most sun giving angle. Some cloudy days are coming this week, so i’ll see if it’ll still hold a good percentage.


With 4 of the SOCI2 cells in parallel, the current draw will be split equally between the 4 cells which helps with voltage sag that happens with just 1 battery where the whole load is placed on a single cell.

The boost circuit will just allow you to keep using the batteries once the voltage drops as the cells get older and more discharged where the voltage will start dropping. The boost circuit will keep the voltage high as the battery pack starts to drain lower and lower and its power consumption is super low so the boost circuit is not really causing any significant extra drain on the pack.

Either way 4 of those cells should last a decent time frame if your sleeping a lot and your sure you are getting the low sleep currents with the code your using.


Okay i see. Well I’m running the code in Semi-automatic mode and using disconnect from particle and turn off cellular module before I enter deep sleep, so I hope that does it. :sweat_smile: