Power Shield - Resistor Value - "4K7"?

Hi Community,

Just wanted to confirm a value of resistor. Referring to power shield v210 .brb and .sch files available on github.
R17, R18, R19 & R20 is showing a resistance value of “4K7”. I am not very affluent in hardware, just wanted to confirm if this is 4.7K of 47K Ohm resistor. (Package # is 0402)


4.7k :slight_smile:

We usually use the k as the decimal and denomination :wink:

But to be sure, let me check.

Update: I checked against the datasheet and yes 4.7k!

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4k7 = 4700Ohm
Because engineers are efficient creatures :wink:


And the award for the most embarrassing post ever on Particle goes to …

Actually i was checking the sparkfun library as well … that kind of made me ask and re-confirm :slight_smile:

Thanks @Moors7 & @kennethlimcp

Trust me, i knew it through asking last time :wink:


Trust me, not even close :wink:

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LOL … Thanks for making me feel a little better … :slight_smile:

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