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Hi! I’m going to buy and use the Power Shield for my project but

  1. The datasheets say that “The fuel-guage allows you to monitor the battery’s state-of-charge (SOC), allowing it to notify the user remotely and take preemptive actions when necessary.”. How does that work? What do I need to do into the program?

  2. A friend of mine is very interested in how phone batteries could be charged while being used, such as this shield allows you to do. How does the electronics works? What are the components that allows that?

Thank you all.

  1. There is a dedicated solder jumper on the board that will trigger an interrupt on D3 when a set threshold is hit.
    See https://github.com/spark/PowerShield (also available in Build Web IDE)
		byte getAlertThreshold();
		void setAlertThreshold(byte threshold);
		boolean getAlert();
		void clearAlert();
  1. have a look here (see also the ALT=alert jumper for 1)
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