Power Manager Buck Converter

We seem to be having the following issue with the Boron, new power manager API and the bq24195 buck converter.

  • We use the power manager feature (1.5.0) with no defaults set
    • Boron is powered by 12.5V to VIN
    • Boron does not sleep
  • Power manager turns off PMIC watchdog, sets its default settings
  • Battery charges, charge safety timer expires, turning off buck converter (EN_HIZ)
  • With buck converter off, battery starts to drain
  • Power Manager turns PMIC watchdog off; Power manager never reenables buck converter
  • Battery dies
  • Device goes offline
  • Our watchdog cannot restart boron because it uses “EN” pin; EN pin only works on nRF and does not restart PMIC

Is this intended functionality? Should we be utilizing pmic.enableBuck() on every loop to avoid this, or should we just turn power manager off and let the PMIC run its default settings?