Power a sensor via digital pin?


I would like to power a temperature sensor via a digital pin of my Spark Core to safe battery. However I was not able to find any information about how much current each digital pin can provide. I would be very grateful if you could help me :smile:

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Taking a look at the documentation often helps :wink:

And after you find the Max current sink (you can sink more than you can source), I would ask how powering from the digital pin will [quote=“hl68fx, post:1, topic:12077”]
power a temperature sensor via a digital pin of my Spark Core to safe battery.

You meant ‘save’ battery. right? Where is the Core getting its power?


I would hazard a guess here that the user wishes to save power by only powering the sensor from the port pin when he needs to read it.

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Assuming that the sensor fits within the power budget that @Moors7 pointed to, check that the sensor will run from the slightly reduced voltage available from an I/O pin.

If you have not done so already, also check this thread for rough numbers on core current consumption, and make sure that the power savings are going to be worth the trouble, and result in a significant improvement in battery life.

What sensor are you planning on using ?

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Hi @hl68fx
I did exactly this for the DHT22 temp/humidity sensor. It works fine for me. I did it this way because I wanted an easy way to restart the sensor. Apparently my DHT22 gets brain-dead internally every once in a while. This was just a convenient way for me to be able to programmatically power-cycle the misbehaving part rather than buy a new one.

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