Potentially issues with Mac?

Attempting to get started, I bought one of the teach a classroom kits but haven’t been able to get any of the cores to work so far.

Running a macbook pro retina, 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7 OSX 10.9
Connecting with an iPhone running iOS 7
and my wifi is a Time Capsule, believe it does 801.11n.

Did the whole plugging.unplugging, turning off, turning on, resetting things…

And trying to connect manually via usb but that doesn’t seem to be working either?

I’m getting sorta lost, are there known issues with macs?

I have a very similar setup with a macbook pro retina 10.9 and also a time capsule and all works fine. The only difference is that I did my first setup with a Android Nexus 4 device and then my other cores I have done over serial. Try CoolTerm for a nicely working Serial Terminal. Long press the mode button on the Core until it blinks blue and then in terminal open the port, press ‘w’ on your keyboard to send it to the Core and then it will ask for SSID and Password for your wifi. Pressing ‘i’ when in blue blink mode will give you the Cores ID which you can use here on the website to claim it to your account

ok getting it, cooltools wasn’t working for me before but I was having a dumb moment and wasn’t checking what conneciton it was going for (defaulted to bluetooth, needed to switch to USB).

THis post also helped,https://community.spark.io/t/app-doesnt-connect-usb-connection-refused-solved/881

I use a Mac and have not had problems with the computer side at all. Your Time Capsule router might be a problem since the core is not 802.11n compatible but most routers will do b/g/n. Here is the relevant section of the doc:

There are known issues with the following types of networks:
802.11n-only networks. The Spark Core is 802.11b/g. Most 802.11n networks are backwards compatible with 802.11b/g, but if yours is not, the Spark Core will not connect.

I would open the Apple utility and make sure 802.11b/g compatible mode is set.

Ok getting it now, its conected to the iPhone. Also was having an issue seems like it only grabbed it RIGHT when it was plugged in? So the listen mode for connecting wouldn’t work while it was plugged in and sitting there, but listening while plugging in at the same moment worked.

I’m using a MBPr running 10.9 with an Airport Extreme. I was having intermittent connectivity issues until I created a 2nd guest network on the Airport Extreme that is only used by the Spark.