Po-util: The Ultimate Local Particle Experience for Linux and macOS

Thank you for your help. Installing the glibc.i686 package fixed the arm-none-eabi-gcc part of the problem, but I also had to install vim-common to provide the xxd command, and perl-Archive-Zip-1.58-1.fc24.noarch to provide to crc32 command. Installing these 3 extra packages makes po-util work perfectly on my Fedora virtual machine.

I suspect that to fix the problem on Arch, I will have to install something like glibc.

Installing lib32-glibc, vim and yaourt with pacman and installing perl-archive-zip from yaourt worked for Arch.

Installing the libc6-i386 package on Ubuntu fixes the problem for Travis CI. :smile:

I have added these packages to the installation part of po-util, and it should now work on all of these distributions. :smile:


I think arm-none-eabi-gcc requires the 32bit libraries for C.

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