Pizza/Chinese/Take-out Button

Regarding the fated Pizza Button from the demonstration video, I have some questions about it.

After doing some searching, I haven’t found anyone attempting this gimmicky project. From what I gather, it appears that the Core is only used to register that the button is pressed and the actual programming that does the ordering is preformed on a server (on a computer, RPi, or BBB) with Javascript or Python.

Am I correct in my thought process here? Am I missing anything?

Is there any way to condense this down to just the Core and button without a server? Basically, just a library that will open the connection to the web page, login, navigate the web page and hand pre-loaded information (restaurant name, food, toppings, sides, address, name and billing info) to the restaurant’s web site.

I’d like to build this along with other variants but I need a little help wrapping my head around this. Kind of new to programming and development but I know enough to be dangerous.


Hi @eavery

The core is not capable of doing HTTPS connections, so most online ordering stuff is ruled out by that.

So the easiest way around that is to use another host as a proxy for your connection like the pizza button in the video did. It can be a host on your local network or a host on the general internet.

@bko I didn’t realize about the HTTPS issue. Thank you for the heads up.

If you are feeling up to it, it would be rather simple to deploy an app on Heroku that just handles this button. Once you get it coded you can completely forget about it. Unless I’m mistaken Heroku simply powers down “unused instances” and then powers them back up if needed.

Note, kind of a heroku advert. I found them recently and I’m a big fan

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