Physical Web Candy Machine

We wanted a fun project to combine a few different Particle connected devices, and also wanted to play around with the new Eddystone project from Google that enables the physical web. Plus, we just wanted some candy…

So we bought an off-the-shelf candy dispenser and ripped out all the electronics and replaced them with a Core (though easily could have been a Photon too, just used what was lying around) and some simple circuits to control the motor and LED in the machine.

We then made a really simple website to dispense the candy, and programmed bluz as an Eddystone URL beacon, advertising the website. Put it all back together, and we have a nice little machine we can stick anywhere that anyone can walk up and interact with without an app. You can see all the details here:

It also shows how well all these wonderful Particle powered devices will complement each other and how you can program many different types of projects and protocols from one toolset. Pretty nice!


@eely22, dude I need me some candy! Well done and I can’t wait to get my Bluz (this is torture by the way) :stuck_out_tongue:

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