Photons shipped?


It’s great to see that the cyber Monday folk are being take of now (I’m not one of them), but what about those of us that ordered the prototyping bundle? I personally have three photons on the way from that bundle that I have been charged for, but have little to no insight as to when these devices will arrive, especially since the order status has said “fulfilled” ever since the core was shipped.


Yup, pretty frustrating when the information supplied by the company is either wrong or confusing. The warehouse/ fulfillment center is an extension of Particle, and should treat customers as well as the folks at Particle do. But they don’t. The order status system is not good. I stopped looking at it cause it just made me upset. There is better information in the posts from @will and @vivek.


Exactly seven months ago I ordered two photons (with headers). This morning DHL knocked at my office and… Hey ! Two photons in an envelope !


Hey all,

Sorry for the frustration here. Please do keep in mind that we’re still a small team and we’re trying to manage communications to the best of our abilities while also pushing hard to get everything out the door. We’re shipping out ~20,000 units to ~10,000 customers in a period of a couple of weeks. We’re pushing the limits of our e-commerce system (which isn’t really designed for orders that include both pre-orders and standard orders in the same transaction; I’m not aware of any e-commerce system that can handle that gracefully, unfortunately). We’re getting really close to getting everything out the door but please bear with us.

@bendrix I totally agree that we need to make some changes to the way we do our e-commerce and logistics to ensure better transparency and information to our customers. That said, I’m sure you understand that we can’t make any massive changes in the middle of something like this; unfortunately all we can do is learn the lesson and make some changes before our next big push on the Electron.

We do really appreciate the feedback, thank you all for keeping us honest. I am sorry this process has been frustrating but do know that we’re doing our best to manage this very complex distribution, and I’m looking forward to when you all get your orders so you can experience all the hard work we put into the Photon, which we are truly proud of.


Also, I’ve talked to the team, and we’re going to send out regular emails to everyone who’s still waiting for Photons and accessories, starting today, to try and improve our transparency. Stay tuned!


The Particle team is working hard to fill all those backorders, and I’m sympathetic to the reasons they are delayed. You won’t hear me complaining about that. Its good to hear an acknowledgement that the customer facing order software needs to be replaced. And for sure, right now is not the time.

Well… Order mixed with Preorders can be handled gracefully. iTunes, Barnes and Noble, REI, to name a few that I’ve used for pre-orders and orders from stock. When I check my order status, it clearly shows what is on the original order and what has been shipped and what will be shipped, and a projected date. In the case of iTunes, it is pre-released music, but still, its the same.

If you want someone to research platforms for you, I’d be glad to help out.

Suggestions for new e-commerce platforms

Actually there is “those other guys” with a working solution, better in some ways, worse in some ways.
The main difference is their solution ties you into one cloud solution, and all network traffic have to go trough their cloud, no local LAN communication for example.

I am looking forward to my photons for this very reason, datalogging on a local network cant be dependant on internet and a remote cloud being up.

Also my credit card was charged this morning, from the mails it seems all pure photon orders will be shipped in these weeks, in that case that could have been written more clear in the update, and would maybe calm the mob :slight_smile:


My card was also charged last night and I received an email that it will be shipping soon. It sounds like there’ll be 2000 photons with header pre-orders not fulfilled. I ordered in December and don’t seem to be one of them.


For the record, I received my Photon last week, and had no problems claiming it, once I realized I needed to download the new Particle app to my phone to replace the old Spark Core app. :smile:


Just to let you know: My 20 Photons were sent out last Friday (July 3) and arrived already today in Germany !!! (Photons are traveling with lightspeed ;-))


According to the shipping information, my Photon is leaving Los Angeles… even though I received it yesterday!!! :wink:


:grinning: Yeah, I think Particle might have some issues with their e-commerce setup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@mumblepins, not so much Particle as USPS and Canada Post!


Mine’s still processing since the payment was taken last Friday. Looking forward to the promised update today!


Mine Just changed from Fulfillment :processing to Fulfillment :smile: Filed… WTF?

and order has been paid.

Sent email but no response yet. :frowning:


Out of curiosity, when did you guys order? My first order was placed in January and I have seen no progress. Of course mine was a combo Core/Photon order and so that could be messing things up. Naturally, the core arrived months ago.

My second photon-only order was on May 1 and there has been no word on that one either.


@JL_678 Same… in January


@shuidobro, do watch your language when interacting in the forum. We aim to be nice and courteous for the benefit of the whole community :wink:


Hi, all. Thanks for all your patience here. We’re working hard to fulfill all the orders and jump on every shipping issue as it comes up. If you have already written into with your shipping problem, it is definitely being reviewed.

@shuidobro your order’s status change from processing to fulfilled is probably a good sign-- typically orders are marked as “fulfilled” when they are going out, and I expect you’ll be getting a shipping email soon with a tracking number. However, if you don’t get this in the next day or so, definitely send an email into letting us know about that weirdness.


Christine or anyone else…

Can you clarify how multiple unit shipments are handled? For example, I ordered a prototyping bundle that included a Core, breadboard, cable and a Photon. Everything except the Photon was in stock and was shipped immediately and I received them without an issue.

Now I am waiting on the Photon. The system shows the ordered as fulfilled which is only partially true since the Photon has not shipped. Will I get some kind of confirmation when the Photon ships? Is there any way for me to see it in the system?

Thank you.