Photons in action at EL Mässan Sweden

So after a period of seven weeks of hard labour I managed to build a DALI - WiFi - 0-10 Volt Controller unit based on the Photon. We use it to control large arrays of Highbay LED Fixtures. They are used to light up factories, parking lot’'s and so on.
The photons are build in the lamp fixtures, and talk over UDP and TCP with each other. The sensors are communicating through CC1101’s on 868 mHz with the Photons. The complete system can control as many lights as one needs. :grinning:



so what are you actually doing with wifi connectivity?

Just turning the lights on and off remotely? Dimming them? Monitoring LED failures?

Just curious, the light looks cool and powerful.

Well @rwb
I use the wifi connection to set parameters like schedule, On times and indeed measures the temprature of the led pcb and outside temperature. I also measure how much light is produced.
Udp is used to broadcast debug info like serial.print.
And the rf transceiver is used as wireless transport layer for DALI messages.
Why rf? Wel we build systems with minimal 50 lights. And wifi routers usually don’t allow so many connections.