Photon2 / BRN404X - Ability to Pre-Order for limited quantity product development?

I’m sure like many others, I too am eagerly awaiting the BRN404X (in order to fulfill a prior order I placed back in October) as well as the Photon2. I would like to begin the development and testing process sooner than later for both the Photon2 and BRN404X for my product. What’s the ability/likelihood to submit a “pre-order” in smaller quantities (~3-10) of both the BRN404X as well as the Photon2 to hold my spot in line and get a few devices earlier to allow product builders like myself a head start on our own development/testing? That way when they becomes more generally available I’d be several months ahead of the game. For customers with larger scale products, this would be required as well for FCC testing as that too can’t happen overnight.

Any ability to pre-order or get our hands on a few photon2 or brn404x devices? If so, how?


ping @Colleen

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Hi Jeff,

If you DM me your shipping info I will put in a request with the supply secure team. The maximum number of boards I can request per person is three.

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Thanks @Colleen - DM sent.

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