Photon won't connect to whitelisted network

I am trying to set up a photon(P0) on a MAC address whitelisted network. I have verified with the network admin that my photon’s MAC address is on the whitelist.
When I attempt to set up the photon on the iOS app, I get the ‘setup failed’ screen, the photon flashes green really fast for a little while and turns into the blue setup mode once again. The same happens when I tried to setup using the CLI. The photon sets up fine at my home network. I can provide any information necessary.

EDIT: The network is WPA2, not WPA2 Enterprise.

Could you flash the following sketch to your Photon (via DFU with CLI):

// Log handler processing all messages
SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_ALL);


void setup() {


void loop() {


Do the following to compile and upload:

# Save the sketch in a directory
particle compile photon 
# Press buttons to put photon into DFU mode
particle flash --usb firmware.bin

And then try to connect to the Photon via serial (as soon as it starts blinking green) to see if you get any error messages?

particle serial monitor
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Here is the following output. For the privacy of my institution, I have changed the network name the photon is attempting to connect to to [NETWORK]. Because there’s two networks from my institution that I tried to connect to and the second one shows up, it is [NETWORK2].

Serial monitor opened successfully:
0000006466 [hal.wlan] ERROR: wiced_join_ap_specific(), result: 1062
0000006466 [hal.wlan] INFO: Joining [NETWORK]
0000006466 [hal.wlan] TRACE: Free RAM connect: 46696
0000011974 [hal.wlan] ERROR: wiced_join_ap_specific(), result: 1062
0000011974 [hal.wlan] INFO: Joining [NETWORK2]
0000011974 [hal.wlan] TRACE: Free RAM connect: 46696
0000012726 [hal.wlan] INFO: Bringing WiFi interface up with DHCP

Thank you!!!

Sounds you could have incorrectly entered the passphrase.

RESULT_ENUM( prefix, EAPOL_KEY_PACKET_M3_TIMEOUT,  1062 ),   /**< Timeout occurred while waiting for EAPOL packet M3 from AP, which may indicate incorrect WPA2/WPA passphrase */ \

Does it help if you clear the wifi credentials saved on the Photon? (Hold the setup button while in listening mode for about 10 seconds until the RGB flashes rapid blue, and then reboot)

Try adding the credentials back in after:

particle serial wifi

You will need to put the photon in safe mode or flash an empty sketch or else the log could interfere with wifi setup.

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I got it figured out! I was missing a caps in the password. So sorry and thank you for your help!!!

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