Photon was connected, no longer connected, no longer discoverable OTA

Hi. I was having fun tinkering with two photons, both of which connected over the app and were cool with using the web IDE. Switched to USB CLI, updated the firmware with dfu-util 0.8. Update was succesful, placed them back in listening mode, still undiscoverable. On a 2.4 ghz WPA wifi. Been stuck on this a couple days, would appreciate any help!

What is the status of the RGB led?

blinking blue in listening mode

Example of attempt on my home wifi network. A possible issue is that it is a WPA2 PSK network.

Success, with an open mobile hot spot network I set up on my phone. However, I have failed to connect with this method before. I am concerned at the lack of reliability of my ability to connect. Anything I can do on my end to improve that?