Photon setup fails with "unable to obtain claim code"

I have two photons both of which behave the same way. Connecting them via USB to my MacBook Pro and trying to set them up via USB or Wifi does not work.

With USB, the device simply does not show up in the list of connected USB devices.

No devices detected via USB.

With Wifi, I get the following:

? Would you like to scan for nearby Photons in Wi-Fi setup mode? Yes

? Found “Photon-FCUU”. Would you like to perform setup on this one now? Yes

[Error: Unable to obtain claim code]
! PROTIP: We need an active internet connection to successfully complete setup.
! PROTIP: Are you currently connected to the internet? Please double-check and try again.

Now a third Photon works fine. Help!


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Are you sure the Photons are in listening mode (blinking blue)? And have you got the appropriate drivers installed, as per the docs?

Hi @aj8uppal

Another problem that some folks have had is the USB 3.0 ports don’t always work to set up devices. If you have a USB 2.0 hub you can insert between your MacBook Pro and you Photon, you might find that works.

Thanks Moors7, the Photons are in listening mode and the same Macbook works fine with a third Photon so I would believe that the correct drivers are installed.