Photon Rare White LED blinking

Hi, My photon was working fine for more than a month and then unexpectedly started blinking white led.

Here is a link to video on GDrive

I think two months back I saw the same issue, I dont know how come after power off Photon for some time (might me an hour) fixed the issue. Did not report last time as I was not clear what happened.

Photon firmware: 0.4.9

I removed Photon from my circuit and connected to usb and its working fine.
Could that be some thing in my circuit shorting and restarting the Photon?

Hey @blackadmin!

It is entirely possible. Perhaps if you could post more information about your wiring and components the community might be able to spot what’s wrong. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for replying, seems like its fixed, have not faced it again. :smile: