Photon possibly damaged from fall

I was taking the Photon off of my bread board when the Photon fell from the bread board to my chair (it’s a soft chair) to my laminated floor. Non of the pins are bent. From the chair to the floor it’s about 1-2 feet. Think it’s ok?

Try it.

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How will I know it’s not broken?

If it works.


Yay! It works!

I drop these on the floor and play catch with these at the office sometimes, they are tougher than you think, but still don’t like, submerge in lava or anything. :slight_smile:



Did you test this?

directions unclear, submerged self in lava, no longer connects to wifi?

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Fortunately, now the lava can come to you instead of the other way around:


No! Not lava!

This is my favorite thread that I’ve ever read on our community forums :laughing:


The question is, how to define ‘broken’, and what timeframe we are talking about.

This is the definition of broken that I follow:
having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.

I hopped on to see if you broke yours the same way I did. Glad to see not. But I did partially break a Core by dropping the breadboard which was screwed to a heavy metal base. I had it plugged in to USB with the connector right on the edge.
It ended up pulling the tiny wires that the USB connector has to mount it to the chip. I lost serial and USB features unless I hold it just the right way.
The connector acted as a lever to pull things apart. I can still power it and use it though.

I was worried that my Cores would be broken by spring this year but so far they are bearing up ok.

Why would you expect that?