Photon/P1 - no USB? [SOLVED]

Looking at the P1-Pinmap.xls reveals no PB14 and PB15 USB Data +/- exposed on any pads. Is that correct,and if so, i guess that means no DFU firmware upgrade possible, and further USB related ?

The page related to WM-N-BM-14, says “RF Spec, MCU Spec and the deliverable are same as WM-N-BM-09” (P0), but if the USB is missing, i guess not… ?

Is the above correct ?, the P1 documentation is a little sparse until now…

btw looking forward til P1’s and photons starts shipping :smile:


There is. Look at pins 61 and 62

great, missed that when browsing the the STM’s user manual , thanx