Photon P1 Flashing Green, Won't Enter Safe Mode

I have a P1 that may have previously been connected to another network. The green LED is flashing continuously. I need to connect the P1 to my network, but am unable to reset wifi settings. The troubleshooting i’ve tried so far…

Attempted wifi-network reset proceedures:

  1. Holding setup for 10 seconds does nothing. Never changes from green flashing
  2. Holding setup and tapping reset turns off the LED. Releasing reset displays a solid white LED for half a second. Then, it goes back to green flashing immediately.

Safe mode doesn’t seem to work either. I only get green flashing, never magenta.

Likewise, I’m unable to enter DFU mode.

Please help!

Which board are you using?

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Disregard this post, my engineers had change the pin-out to the reset button on our custom board. This has been resolved.

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