Photon not showing all variables and functions in SEMI_AUTOMATIC mode

I have a Photon running in SEMI_AUTOMATIC mode with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).
My program uses 4 Particle variables and 3 Particle functions that are in setup() as a nice short listing of these 7 items.
However in the Particle Console it only shows the first item of this list!

When I run the program in AUTOMATIC mode (but with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)), the console shows crrectly all 7 items.

I’ve found out that it is obviously important where in setup() you put these function- and variable-definitions: when you start setup() with first the functions and variables and then all other setup stuff, it all goes well.
Is this normal behaviour of the Photon, and if so: is this documented somewhere?

With SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) when, how and how long do you connect to the cloud?

It’s not the physical location of that but the temporal.
You just need to have the functions and variables (and potentially subscriptions) registered before the cloud connection gets established.

And yes, this is the normal and documented behaviour

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Thanks for te quick response (as usual)!

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