Photon led cyan but on smartphone after setup msg Error:it is Offline

I’m sorry I come back I have a Photon I try to setup with smartphone at end of setup I receive following message : Setup completed Your device has been successfully claimed to your account, however it is offline.
What I can do to solve this? Thanks Valentino

The Photon can only connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi.

I have two channel 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz I tray both but without result same error on 2.4GHz

What is the status led doing? Describe any and all colors/patterns. Any orange perhaps?

cyan like it is connect

If you’ve got the CLI installed, you can try a ‘particle update’ while in DFU mode, ‘particle identify’ in listening mode for the device ID, and ‘particle device add [ID]’ while breathing cyan to add the device to your account.

Good Afternoon Moors7 two problems now:
1)I have difficulty to install the new version of particle-cli my system answer (see print screen) I’m using windows 10 Italian lang.

  1. if I’m check the USB port after setup with the smartphone the usb say dispo serial usb (com8) but not spark …

This is not Windows 10S, is it?

Windows 10 PRO

I’m going to assume not everybody speaks Italian here… Mind translating for us what that error message says?

It says: “Impossible to execute this app on your PC, to find a version for your PC, contact the distributor of the software”.
So not too much to go by :wink:

@Tino52, is this Win10Pro 32bit or 64bit? I’m running 64bit and never saw such message with CLI.

Have you tried this Windows CLI Installer?

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Sorry! :Not possible to run this app please contact the distributor or seller

Good Morning now I have install ParticleCli. I’m deactivate the windows defender for apps (all 3 possibility) now I can restart to tray setting up my Photon
first time I see in Control Panel -
now I tray to update. Thanks a lot and I wish happy day

Hi Mr.Scruffr now after a longtime my Photon is alive! After a particle flash --usb tinker.
Thanks a lot for your Help and from other community people.I can flashing my code in WEB Ide!
What means by update :Invalid DFU suffix signature A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!!
Best regards Valentino


This is an ignorable warning.

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I have exactly the same problem when I try connecting to a different network but my photon is blinking cyan with a burst of orange every now and then, what can I do to solve this?