Photon, Johnny-five and particle-io

I’ve followed the online guides to setup the johnny-five and particle-io and I think everything is now working. if I run node process.env I can see my DEVICE_ID and DEVICE_TOKEN. I run with node the example code I found on this guide and what I get is

I was expecting the command prompt to output the result of

console.log("  x            : ", this.x);
console.log("  y            : ", this.y);
console.log("  z            : ", this.z);
console.log("  pitch        : ", this.pitch);
console.log("  roll         : ", this.roll);
console.log("  acceleration : ", this.acceleration);
console.log("  inclination  : ", this.inclination);
console.log("  orientation  : ", this.orientation);

but I think I might be wrong? if so, where would I see the output? This is my first experience with jonny-5 and node, so sorry if it’s a bit confused…