Photon for ISP use

I have seen a few posts asking about using the photon for programming an ISP device, unfortunately all that I read through didn’t have clear answers or solutions. Regardless, my application is a little different, I’m programming an LPC2136 chip, which is done through a computer with a special device, and this part is fine I want to continue programming that way.

My use is for the other connector on the same board, that uses the same special device, but its used for diagnostics, to see what is going on with the system in real time. The special device we were given for this takes a DB9 connector in, goes through a max3232 chip, and some resistors and comes out the other side with 3.3v connection.

So has anyone managed to connect to something running with an ISP connection? If so, any input on where to start?

@Mjones, in the case of the LPC2136, the ISP is done via a serial protocol using a built-in bootloader (Arduino uses JTAG). The protocol is described, in part, in this user guide starting at page 241 with ISP commands described on page 250. Another user guide contains additional information. You would have to implement the programming workflow on the Photon using Serial1 as serial ISP interface. A quick search of the web for a C/C++ protocol library didn’t find anything.

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