Photon Flashing Green and CoolTerm Unresponsive

Hey There!

Doing a project at the moment using a PIR Duino Sensor with a Photon. The Photon is currently flashing green repetitively, which means looking for wifi, but i have a working wifi and this has not been a problem before. When opening up coolterm to re-connect the photon i get a series of numbers that flow through such as 105.00 etc. that won’t allow me to execute the connection process. Is this because i have written in my code Serial.begin(9600); linked to the PIR? Alternatively the Photon i am using now was originally not mine and had already been claimed, however it has been cleared and i have re-claimed it. Can i get any help with this? thankyou!

this is the code below

SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);             // improve responsiveness of the Photon; comment out if you're having problems (and increase RAMP_INCRE below)

 #define SENSEPIN        D4         
 #define SOLENOIDA       D0
 #define SOLENOIDB       D1
 #define DEBUGPIN        D3          
 #define RAMP_MIN        0           // the minimum value you want the ramp to drop down to
 #define RAMP_MAX        105         // the maximum value you want the ramp to drop down to
 #define RAMP_INCRE      0.75       // how fast you want the ramp to set the speed of the ramp, fractions allowed! try a range of 0.015 to 2

int mySensorVal = 0;                // placeholder that stores state of digital input
double sensorRamp = 0;              // the current value of the ramp; change this if you want a non-zero initial value
int rampDir = 0;                    // an up/down direction modifier used in the code; don't modify this

/////////// SETUP function
void setup() {
    pinMode(SENSEPIN, INPUT);       // if you're using a pushbutton, use INPUT_PULLDOWN instead of INPUT
    pinMode(SOLENOIDB, OUTPUT);// debug LED just to see what's going on with our ramp, remove this if you don't need it
/////////// LOOP function
void loop() {
    // copy this into your loop function    
    mySensorVal = digitalRead(SENSEPIN);       // read state of sensor into mySensorVal
    if(mySensorVal) {       // if you wish to detect a reverse state, change to !mySensorVal
        rampDir = 1;
    } else {
        rampDir = -1;
    // end copy
    // next, do whatever you need to do with the sensorRamp variable!
    // e.g. driving a MOSFET gate to alter the speed of a DC motor / brightness of 12V analog LED strip:
    // analogWrite(SOME_PWM_PIN, sensorRamp);
    if(sensorRamp > 100) {
        digitalWrite(SOLENOIDA, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(SOLENOIDA, LOW);
    if(sensorRamp > 100) {
        digitalWrite(SOLENOIDB, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(SOLENOIDB, LOW);
/////////// copy this entire updateRamp function into your own code
void updateRamp() {
    sensorRamp += rampDir * RAMP_INCRE;
    sensorRamp = constrain(sensorRamp, RAMP_MIN, RAMP_MAX);     // make sure the ramp value is kept within RAMP_MIN and RAMP_MAX
    analogWrite(DEBUGPIN, (int)sensorRamp);                     // debug LED just to see what's going on with our ramp, comment this out if you don't need it

In cases like this it’s often good to remove all external circuitry, clear the credentials, apply only one set of creds again and the go into safe mode to make sure it’s not the Photon